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The website Learningradius.com is a unique and tailored platform for the needs of competitive exam aspirants. Every aspirant must require real time interventions based on latest updates on Current Affairs and question papers. This website has an edge to ensure the success of the the aspirants of UPSC civil services and other exams of similar patterns. We have a dedicated academic team constantly working on current Affairs and question papers to cater the right academic content. Every movement of the clock’s hand is a realisation that the aspirants are being ushered into a competitive world far removed from the protected bookish knowledge. Each passing moment brings aspirants closer to the challenges of competitive examinations and Learningradius.com deliver the need of the time to accomplish their dream into reality.

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The website is specifically designed to provide comprehensive and appropriate current affairs notes to aspirants. Unlike providing every current affairs we group them to sharpen your knowledge in the specific areas. It helps you to make a quick last minute revision. We constantly edit the current affairs to recent developments. This helps you keep updated and not to miss any changes.


Learning radius envision greater goals of making aspirant stress free by making their preparation simple and effortless. A dedicated team of Learning radius continuously works on recent developments and trend change in civil service exam to help aspirants to rise to the expectations.
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