Consultancy Development Centre And CSIR

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The Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister has approved the following:

  1. The existing 13 employees of CDC shall be accommodated in CSIR by creating thirteen (13) supernumerary posts.
  2. The premises occupied by CDC at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi will be surrendered to India Habitat Centre for re-allocation and realized amount from re-allocation will be deposited in the Consolidated Fund of India.
  3. After amalgamation, all moveable assets and liabilities of CDC shall stand transferred to CSIR.

Major impact:

The amalgamation of two societies shall not only streamline in Department but also as per Prime Minister’s Mantra of Minimum Government Maximum Governance.  CSIR will be befitted by experienced staff of CDC in the field of consultancy in education, export of technologies etc.  The amalgamation is expected to add value to CSIR needs for: 

  • Techno-commercial assessment of projects.
  •  Socio-economic impact analysis of CSIR technologies deployed in the field.
  •  Selection of appropriate consultants for carrying out detailed design and engineering for develop0ment of prototypes based on CSIR technologies and translation of CSIR technologies to cater to stakeholder requirements and/or for market readiness.
  • Business development activities.


  • CSIR and CDC are two separate Autonomous bodies (Abs) under Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Ministry of Science and Technology. 
  • CSIR was set up in 1942 under Societies Registration Act XXI  of 1860 as a National R&D organization for scientific industrial research for India’s economic growth and human welfare.
  • CDC was set up in 1986 as a society with the support of DSIR for developing, strengthening and promoting consultancy skills and capabilities in the country.
  • CDC was approved as an Autonomous Institution of DSIR by Union Cabinet on 13th October 2004.  Memorandum and Articles of Association of CDC as Autonomous Institution was issued on 16th January, 2008.  
  • CDC is located in India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, having 1000Sqm. Built up space allocated on 08.03.1990 by Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs on lease.  
  • CDC has total strength of 13 permanent employees.
  • Based on the recommendations of the 14th Finance Commission, NITI Aayog conducted a reviews of autonomous bodies (Abs) under various Government Departments.  Review of two Abs i.e. CSIR and CDC under DSIR tool place in the 10th, 13th and 18th meetings of the Review Committee of NITI Aayog.  
  • The Review Committee recommended that “CDC could merge with CSIR and continue, as it has visible potential.” 
  • The Committee in its AB’s report further stated that this would result in DSIR having only one AB under Societies Registration Act 1860 (SRA).  
  • Based on the recommendation ns of the Advisory Committee constituted for recommending modalities of amalgamation, the necessary procedure under Section 12 Societies Registration Act 1860, Governing Council of CDC and Governing Body of CSIR, both had approved the proposal of amalgamation of CDC with CSIR. 

Source : PIB

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