Cost Effective Hydrogen

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  • Scientists have, for the first time, developed a large-scale reactor that produces a substantial amount of hydrogen using sustainable sources like sunlight and water, which is a cost-effective and sustainable process.
  • They have used an earth-abundant chemical called carbon nitrides as a catalyst for the purpose.
  • This work is supported by the DST Nano Mission NATDP project.
  • The team employed a low-cost organic semiconductor in carbon nitrides which can be prepared using cheaper precursors like urea and melamine at ease in a kilogram scale.
  • When the sunlight falls on this semiconductor, electrons and holes are generated.
  • The electrons reduced the protons to produce hydrogen, and holes are consumed by some chemical agents called sacrificial agents.
  • If the holes are not consumed, then they will recombine with the electrons.
  • Hydrogen generated in this manner can be used in many forms like electricity generation through fuel cells in remote tribal areas, hydrogen stoves, and powering small gadgets, to mention a few.
  • Eventually, they can power the transformers and e-vehicles, which are long-term research goals under progress.

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