International Day For South-South Cooperation

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International Day for South-South Cooperation is observed globally on 12th September every year. 

  • The day highlights the importance of cooperation between the developing countries for the achievement of economic, social and political goals.
  • It commemorates the date when the United Nations (UN) General Assembly adopted a plan of action  "Buenos Aires Plan of Action (BAPA)  in 1978 to promote and implement technical cooperation among developing countries.

South-South Cooperation

  • The South-South collaboration helps developing nations to share knowledge, skills, expertise and resources to meet their development goals through concerted efforts.
  • According to United Nations Office For South-South Cooperation, this initiative is a manifestation of solidarity among peoples and countries of the South that contributes to their national well-being, their national and collective self-reliance and the attainment of internationally agreed development goals, including the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. 
  • The UN says that the technical cooperation among nations of Global South started as a pioneering effort to strengthen their diplomatic and international negotiating power through political dialogue.

Objectives of South-South Cooperation

  • To enhance self-reliance among developing countries and to work out creative solutions to their development problems.
  • Promoting self-reliance through the exchange of experiences.
  • Recognising and responding to the problems and requirements of the least developed countries and enabling them to achieve a greater degree of participation in international economic activities.


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