Quota To Marathas Unconstitutional

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  • Describing it as unconstitutional, the Supreme Court struck down the Maharashtra government law to reserve seats in government jobs and education institutions to Marathas. 
  • Court held that there were “no exceptional circumstances” to breach the 50% reservation cap set by the Constitution Bench in the 1992 Mandal verdict. 
  • The top court also refused to refer the Mandal judgement to a larger bench for reconsideration saying that it has been upheld time and again by various verdicts of the SC.
  • In November 2018, the Maratha community was given the reservation under the Maharashtra State Socially and Educational Backward Act.
  • The Maratha reservation of 12 and 13 per cent (in education and jobs) had increased the overall reservation ceiling to 64 per cent and 65 per cent, respectively.

Why this can't be an exceptional case? 

  • The Marathas are dominant forward class and are in the main stream of National life. Hence, the court observed that the above situation is not an extra-ordinary.

Source : Economic Times

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