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Sri Lankan Govt Abolish 19th Amendment To Constitution

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Sri Lankan government has granted approval to abolish the 19th amendment to the constitution and replace it with the 20th amendment.

  • The amendment brought by previous government had put a two-term limit on Presidency and curtailed the executive powers of President and transferred it to parliament and independent commissions.
  •  The Rajapaksa camp viewed the 19th Amendment’s clauses as primarily intending to prevent its leaders’ return to power.

19th Constitutional Amendment:

  1. Introduced in 2015. The legislation envisages the dilution of many powers of Executive Presidency, which had been in force since 1978.
  2. It involves:
  3. The reduction in the terms of President and Parliament from six years to five years.
  4. Re-introduction of a two-term limit that a person can have as President.
  5. The power of President to dissolve Parliament only after four and a half years.
  6. The revival of Constitutional Council and the establishment of independent commissions.
  7. The President remains the head of Cabinet and he can appoint Ministers on the advice of Prime Minister.

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